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Great John Machinery Co., Ltd ( MARKOTECH) keeps on innovating exceeding more than 50 product lines. The sales network has covered more than 30 countries to serve thousands of customers. So far, we use MarkoTech brand to sell the machines have reached to 30,000sets.

Our company is one of leaders in apply technology and a good partner in packaging and logistic corporations. We have a good reputation among the industries of foods, packaging, beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemicals, electrons, computers and logistics..etc.

Taiwan and China factory created space for new model machine Roll-Fed Labeller & Barcode Applicator production line.

Our history:

  • Great John Machinery Co., Ltd. founded in 1976
  • 1998 New facility located in Yangmei Town. Research center established
  • 1998 Technology authorized by Koyo Automatic Machine Co., Ltd.
  • 2000 Expended non-dust room to research auto-barcode print apply system
  • 2006 All new Roll-Fed Labeller RF-360HR presented. ( Full-Fill bottle labelling)
  • 2007 All new Roll-Fed Labeller RF-300HR presented.(Bothe of Full-Fill bottle & Empty bottle labelling)
  • 2007 Obtain the patent for " special re-tight system design" of RF-480 Roll Fed Labeller .

MarkoTech target: based on our core-tech and resource abilities, total solution to all of corporation alliance whether in vertical or horizontal strategic. We also hope to be a provider of OEM/ ODM for industries and confident to supply all equipment an excellent quality with lowest price, create a valued product and let every customer be satisfied with products and service of Markotech.


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